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Totes McGoats

carla fahden

Today we are on the road again and heading back to my parents' place in 'Sconie. This is the fifth road trip to visit friends or family at a lake-type setting since Woody was born. Five trips in seven weeks! That feels like something to be proud of for some reason.

With the amount of weekend trips we have been taking, we really ought to invest in some proper totes and duffles and such. As I'm sure anyone with kids and dogs can attest, packing the car for a little two-day getaway can quickly turn into a hot mess. I always start out packing all neat and organized the night before but it all goes awry the next morning in a frantic hurry to get the last minute crap in the car so we can hit the road. You've got the dog food… the baby bottles… the stack of magazines… shit, did I remember my slippers? Oh, here they are, I'll just stuff them in this plastic shopping bag amongst the dog leashes, baby monitor, wrapped birthday present and container of fresh strawberries we better bring so they don't go to waste. Actually that's a lie, the strawberries were forgotten on the counter last week making for a fun moldy welcome home surprise.

Enter this aesthetically pleasing mix of totes and duffles that I've spent many car rides daydreaming about. With my new packing plan, Jack, Woody and myself each get a duffle bag.  Fern and Rosy share a tote for their leashes, treats, etc. Woody's diapers and car ride necessities fit nicely into this equestrian crossbody shopper. And the final tote will house my magazines, chargers, Catch Phrase, yadda yadda. Voila! We'll pull up to our destination and when asked if we need help with our bags, we'll effortlessly pop the trunk and be like "oh, you mean this perfectly-packed lot of lovely luggage?" (tooootally something Jack would say). And then, since this is an imaginary scenario, after unpacking we'd all enjoy a couple rounds of vodka sodas and my sleep-deprived ass wouldn't fall asleep after three sips.

Deep breath. Amen.



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Fall Fever

carla fahden

Holla from up north. The hubs is in Cali this week for work so I packed up the pups, the babe and a backpack full of mags and headed to my parents' cabin for a few days. I'm looking forward to chilling with the folks, being outside and catching up on sleep since Jamma Jane (my mom) is oddly delighted to wake up at 5am and take care of little Woody. I got to sleep until 8:30am today, people!

The weather up here is the bees knees. The air is crisp, the trees are changing and the sun is out. I LOVE FALL. I know most Minnesotans are big summer fans, but for me, fall is where it's at. Doing like I do, I put together a little ditty to bop around in on a fall day including a totally reasonably priced knit sweater. I am looking forward to getting rid of all my elastic waist maternity jeans (which I've shamefully still been wearing around the house because they are comfortable) and replacing them with some nice new boyfriend jeans like the ones below.

Okie doke, time to wake the snoozing cherub and go for a walk.

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Our House : Woody's Nursery

carla fahden

When I was prego and Woody would be kicking me too hard or keep me up at night, Jack would scold him by saying "Woody, go to your womb!" Get it!? Yeah, we thought that was pretty funny. I'm finally considering the nursery officially complete. For those who have come out to meet little Woody, you might be all like "whatchu talkin bout Willis?" because the room probably looked "complete" a month ago. And for the most part it was. But not until this week were the window grid inserts that Jack custom made finally finished and installed. So now the room really is DONE AND DONE.

I won't even pretend that I'm not excited about how this room turned out, especially since it was an empty space as of 8 weeks prior to my due date - yes, I had ideas and plans brewing in my head but we hadn't purchased a single thing. Oh, I had bought a bib on sale at Baby Gap. And then I found out that newborns don't even wear bibs.

Alrighty then, let's get into it. Click here to see what the room looked like when we bought the house. Major updates include skim-coating the walls, getting rid of the popcorn ceiling, adding recessed lighting, replacing the carpet, new baseboard, crown moulding and trim, new windows and new doors.

Here's da crib. If the safety police are reading this, don't worry we take the boatload of throw pillows out when Woody's snoozing. In fact, for the most part they just lie in a pile on the floor and do not get perfectly placed back inside like this every time the little peanut wakes up. Ain't nobody got time for that. My mom hand knit the little doggies and I strung them up with tiny jingle bells to make the mobile. The roman black-out shades are custom made from chambray fabric. Jack requested they have little pom poms sewn to the bottom. Tee hee.


Here's a close up of the mobile. Caaaa-yoot!

This is the custom built in cabinet-shelf-bench thingy that we had made. The upper left part hides a heating and cooling unit that we had to have installed as this room was an addition and the previous owners didn't think to do any ductwork. Jack and I have lots of fun nicknames for the previous owners. The pillows are fromEtsy and John Robshaw. Thebunny rabbit off to the left was a gift from my friend Quinn and it's the bomb dot com. It's a night light and gives just enough light to feed the little cherub in the middle of the night but not so much that he's like 'wait is it daytime? should I be up and alert right now?'

Here's the shelving unit in all it's glory. Jack and I designed it ourselves and a carpenter fella did a bang-up job constructing it to fit perfectly. The drawers fit up to 1,300,000 onesies. The paint color is a color match for 'gravel' by Restoration Hardware and is lacquer, making spills easy to wipe up. Not that Woody will ever spill, heavens to Betsy, no.

Lots of good times go down at this here changing table. That monkey is running for dear life because there's a baby boy who's been known to randomly pee up into the air when getting his diaper changed. Changing table is from Amazon and the baskets are from Overstock. Framed photograph is by Sharon Montrose.


Another cute hand knit situation going on here. This is "Woody's Wabbit" and my mom made him. This photo looks like it was taken by a creepy undercover spy or something but it was really just me trying to be artistic.

Another shot of the crib with the Get Along Gang off to the left and a faux fur beanbag from from RH Baby & Child off to the right. The needlepoint 'love' pillow is from Jonathan Adler. And I can't believe I haven't mentioned the wallpaper yet!!! I have coveted it for years and am so happy with the decision to cover all the walls instead of just an accent wall. The jury is still out on whether Woody will grow up to love horses or have an abnormal fear of them. Speaking of horses, here are some more. Jack is scared of the one with the afro. I purchased a set of vintage horse figurines on Etsy and I may or may not spend my maternity leave days sprawled out on the nursery floor playing with them while Woody naps.

Well look at that fun bunch. The cutie on the far right is my childhood teddy bear, Boo. And the monkey on the left is Jack's. The pretty blue blankie is a hand knit specialty from Jack's mom. And OMG that is the white noise machine in the bottom right and should not be in the picture! Shame on me. Bad art director.

Shout out to Jack for turning an Ikea wingback into a rocking chair.  Thanks to my werk friend Joe for sending usthis how-to. The quilt was made by my mom and has little trees and gnomes on it. And yes, it has a name : Woody's Woobie. Side table was my Grandma O's.  Wellllll, that concludes the tour, ladies and gentlemen. Now let's turn our attention to the man of the hour, little Woody! He is five weeks old today and he is everything.



carla fahden

For the first time eva, I am blogging during the werk day! Who needs to get up at the butt crack to post when you've got all day to write? Except I actually was up at the butt crack since we have a three week old who seems to think 4am is the time you're supposed to be all alert and jonesin for a little Peter Rabbit action.

One thing about being on maternity leave is that I have hours on end to stare at the lack of decorating in our house and daydream about the endless possibilities. It can drive a broad mad, I tell ya. I am determined to fill our shelves, furniture, walls, etc with an eclectic (I hate that word) mix of interesting pieces like in the photos below. I love how these spaces feel so lived-in and storied and don't look catalogue-y or staged at all. I can't get enough of the kooky boy portrait in this first image…

In an effort to make a dent in the seemingly endless amount of space we have to fill, my plan is to venture out to some antique shops and such with little Woody during my maternity leave. I usually don't have the patience for that kind of scene on the weekend because you're constantly bumpin' butts with other peeps which I'm generally not a fan of. But I suspect going during the week is gonna be a whole new game.

Okay I can't concentrate on this anymore, I'm too hungry. Enjoy these pics while I go enjoy a turkey sammy!

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Magic Carpet Ride

carla fahden

Rugs, not hugs. That's the theme for today, folks. I have never been much of a hugger and now that I have weird blobby belly/SUPPOSEDLY-still-shrinking-on-its-own-postpartum uterus (that's the technical term), I am even less of one.

2 dogs + hardwood floors = massive need for rugs. I have a hard time finding rugs I like. The affordable ones are either super boring or have trendy chevron-y patterns. And the unique ones are all like $10,000. And I feel like the shaggy/sheepskin ones aren't very practical. I had invested in a spendy wool one a while ago and was constantly digging matted dust bunnies and crumbs and crap out of it.

The few rugs we have in our house so far have been purchased from one of two places. One Kings Lane has great large rugs at good prices, but you gotta be ready to drop some coin on a whim since they are only available for a couple of days. And I've also purchased some vintage orientals from an eccentric dude/rug dealer who lives in St. Paul and has a garage chock-full of beauts from around the world. I am always looking for new sources, so if you have any good ones, holla at me!

Below is a mix of rugs that, regardless of price, would look stellar on our first level. I love the idea of mixing some simpler ones with some snazzy fancy ones. Perhaps by the time little Woody is mobile, we'll have acquired a couple of these bad boys.

lockwise from top left : vintage swedish rug, mansour rug, steven alan speckled rug, pencil stripe rug, kasbah wool rug, ibiza shag rug