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All Good Things

carla fahden

Last night my coworker and I headed to Tribeca to hit up the Steven Alan sample sale which was in itself enough excitement to last me a week. As we were walking around aimlessly trying to find the hidden door, I spotted two chicks walking down the sidewalk eating BAGUETTE SAMMIES WRAPPED IN CUTE PAPER BAGS! I literally chased them down the street to find out where they got them. With mouths full of bread, they pointed to the adorable little storefront of All Good Things.

So after purchasing some chambray dog scarves, a ROMPER WITH FOXES ON IT and a striped sweater at Steven Alan, Julia and I bopped down the street to the most magical place in all the land.

So just to let you know, this is one of those places that is secretly run by fairies and gnomes. It is the only possible way that such a perfect mix of flowers and gifts and cheese and beer and BAGUETTES and bearded butchers and florists with side braids could ever be curated in such an enchanting way. While I waited for my turkey (duh) and artichoke panini to get pressed, I wandered around like a major creep and snapped some pics so you could see for yourself.

Have a good weekend tootsie pops. I am excited to return home tonight to Jack and the pups.


Snow In The City!

carla fahden

YES! It's snowing here in NYC (where I am for werk)! It's the kind where the snowflakes are huge and fluffy and just kind of dance around in the air not really falling directly to the ground. There are actually a couple of flakes outside my hotel window right now trying to get in here and enjoy coffee in bed with me.

I love snow. It is pretty and peaceful and looks amazing frozen in clumps to Fern and Rosy and Jack's beards. I love the sound it makes crunching under my feet and I love how people look when they come in from the outdoors with snow on their hat and bright red cheeks. I also love to eat snow. Either right off the ground or sprinkled on my pizza or even as a healthy alternative to nacho cheese.

One more thing I love about winter and snow is the opportunity to bundle your booty up! Just this past weekend I packed away my plethora of string bikinis to make room in my closet for sweaters, long undies and wool camp socks. I love layering on the warm duds to go walk around in the woods with Jack and the pups. I've ordered these furry mittens and am thinking maybe this year I'll get me some new snow boots... the ones below are named Carly boots so I mean, they should probably just give them to me for free.

Stay warm, homies!

) technical parka with quilted lining 2) queensland rugby beanie 3) sorel conquest carly boots 4) quilted dog print joggers 5) lux fur mittens

Happy Birthday Jack

carla fahden

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you."

-Winnie the Pooh

Happy birthday to my favoritist person in the whole wide world.

This And That

carla fahden

What the what? Blogging on a Saturday!? Oh no she di'int!

I am here to share a little ditty of knick knacks I pulled together that I must have for our living room. Jack and I spend most of our time in the family room (do people call it that?) watching the boob tube and toasting our bums (okay, just my bum) by the fire. Our living room rarely gets used but this is mostly because it's like empty as hell.

I've got our upholsterer lined up for December to cover four chairs for the room and once those bad boys are done, it will start to feel more cozy. Also, my mum made us an amazing quilt to hang on the tall wall between the windows. Now I just need to start collecting little creature comforts like the ones below. In fact, as soon as I

hang up with you guys, I'm gonna bop over to Jayson Home and Garden and purchase this vintage ram.

Have yerselves a fantastic weekend. And a shout out to my little peanut butter cookie, Rosy, who turns 2 today!

1) bennington lamp 2) sammamish bird woodblock print 3) vintage ceramic ram 4) bone china skull votive 5) monogram coasters 6) chief pillow 7) brass peace sign

friday fun

carla fahden

Where've you been all my life?

Let's get random today. I've been a busy bonnie at werk the past couple weeks and earned myself a morning off. After just sleeping 11 hours my brain is a fog farm right now so let's just look at some images that make me happy and call it a day...

First off, let's hear it for the introverts! image

My man, Louie C. K.

There are no words. 

Playin' hookie.

Paint. Topknot. Ruffles.

Woody and Diane. Nothing cuter.


Don't let anybody with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life.

I used to do this with Fern and have a chin scar to prove it.

Vintage Benz and a denim dress. Perfection.image 

Lastly, I just wanted to tell you that someday we will paint our house all white and it will look like this. And all of the fox and deer and bunnies from around the area will come by one evening with their plaid sleeping bags and be like "oh hey we love what you've done to the place let's have a sleepover by the fire and roast marshmallows and have a back-rub circle."