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reader question : : industrial decor

carla fahden

A college pal and fellow SLP-er is looking for some idears to

spruce his print shop Chux. He mentioned wanting to embrace the raw materials of the space while not spending too much. I found a bunch of inspiring industrial spaces below which do a great job of incorporating pops of color and quirky lighting to contrast the

abundance of grey metal. By simply spray painting an old metal bookshelf red or adding a homey element like a large plant, instantly a grubby shop can look decorated and cohesive.
As for sourcing large scale unique pieces, Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis is a goldmine. They have tons of huge alphabet letters and numbers, fun brightly colored school chairs and other oddities that will add an unexpected element of surprise to an industrial space.

Other great sources for vintage decor include these etsy shops:
+ lovintage finds
+ Tinker Lighting
+ Junkyard Lighting
+ urge studio

I look forward to walking Fernie over to Chuck's shop to see how it all comes together!
industrial interior design
industrial interior design2
industrial interior design7
industrial interior design5
industrial interior design4
industrial interior design8
industrial interior design6
industrial interior design3all images via Atelier 154

reader question : : decorating a college apartment

carla fahden

I was delighted to receive a reader question from a student at my alma mater - go Blugolds! Meredith, like probably a lot of college students, is struggling to make her college pad feel unique and decorated with the restraints of a landlord (bold paint colors, wallpaper... forget about it). I laugh when I think back to the God awful tricks we tried in our college space. As if a poop brown corduroy sofa wasn't bad enough, we decided to drape purple sheets over it in lieu of a slipcover. Gasp.

Here are a few affordable ideas for decorating a temporary rental...

college apartment decorating tips3
image via Inside the Loop

Probably the biggest impact you can make on walls aside from painting or wallpapering, is a fun collection of art. I chose this example because it shows how art doesn't need to be fancy or expensive to earn a spot on your wall. Goodwill is a perfect source for quirky mismatched frames and they are cheap as hell. You can frame anything from postcards, drawings, scrap from a magazine or even... nothing (see brown frame, upper right). Don't worry about creating a perfect grid, just hang them in a charming cluster and voila! If your landlord complains about nail holes, tell him to suck it.

college apartment decorating tips2
image via Brooklyn Bride Online

Cheap rentals usually have some sort of odd built-in fixture. Instead of pretending it doesn't exist, embrace it in a creative way. You may not be able to paint a fireplace yellow, but I love the cute little faux fire incorporated here.

college apartment decorating tips
image via Rachel Denbow

Here are three great decorating ideas that cost next to nothing. First, stock up on some clipboards, hang them in a couple of rows and use them to house inspiration from your favorite mags. Next, make a string of paper airplanes, origami birds or flowers and drape

them over your bed, dining table or entryway. Lastly, with the right chairs and cute candlesticks, a gaudy floral tablecloth suddenly looks kitschy and cute.

college apartment decorating tips4
image via Remodelista

Last but certainly not least, I love this grid of paint swatches. Aside from a $2 package of pins, this idea is FREE. Bop over to your local Home Depot, gank a slew of paint swatches and then transform a boring white wall into a mural of color.

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dream decor

carla fahden

What? Don't give me that look. Decorating our living room for the umteenth

time is a perfectly sane idea. I mean, we've had the same sofa for at LEAST six months and who keeps the same throw pillows for more than 60 days?

Ok, this is probably just a pipe dream for the time being but after seeing the absolutely positively divine owl wallpaper below, it got the gears in my noggin turning. If we papered one wall in the navy and cream owlies, I'd love to add the mustard sofa on the same wall. The tribal rug and industrial table would balance the sleek lines of the tomato chair. And then of course the owls would need a friend, so that's where Mr. Octopus comes in. Gah. Maybe it's time Fern and Rosy get a job to help support their mama's decorating habits.

living room decor
(1) Owlet Hague Blue Wallpaper, (2) Thomas Paul Octopus Pillow, (3) Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chair, (4) Henry Sofa, (5) French Industrial Coffee Table, (6) Anadolu Kilim

sleepy time, usa

carla fahden

Let's get one thing straight: I love to sleep. LOVE. IT. I have always been a sleeper and it's always been a struggle for me to wake up (I usually hit snooze no less than 6-7 times and then mutter a swear or two when I finally really have to get up). I've tried hypnosis CDs, putting my alarm across the room and all that jazz, but ain't nuthin' would get this girl up before the sun comes up. EXCEPT, my pretties, blogging!!! Yes, I have recently discovered that it is the one thing that actually makes me hop out of bed happily. This has been a great thing for me and I hope for you, too.

So now that I've shared that fun fact with you, let's take a look-see at some bedrooms I wouldn't mind spending 12+ hours in...

bedroom decor6
via apartmentthereapy

I f-ing LOVE THIS! I am a sucker for that wool camp blanket as we've had one in our family since I can remember. Love the mix of the rustic beat up headboard with the more polished, modern frame. And nothing makes you feel more safe and sound than a mounted carcass watching over you while you snooze.

bedroom decor5
via design crisis

This decor is so simple yet bright and graphic. I love the funAdler pillow and

the bold black stripes on the ceiling.

bedroom decor4
via designspirationsk

Pretty pretty. This is adorable and feminine and sunny and bright and a look that Jack would never let me get away with. Nonetheless, I love it for how imperfect it is and want that cute little stag on the night stand, stat.

bedroom decor3
via decoraology

I've always loved this Dwell fabric and here is a great example how a couple of window panels and a throw pillow can tie a whole room together. I also love the vintage chair and low hung mirror and... I can hear Rosy going to town on my slipper in the other room so hang on a sec...

bedroom decor2

via zsazdabellagio
For some reason I like to imagine that this room is miniature. Like, picture the teeny snazzy high heels being the size of Tic Tacs. And the gold bed is the size of a matchbox. See? I'm pretty sure this is where the Tooth Fairy resides.