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white christmas

carla fahden

Hooray! We got more snow last night. There is about two feet piled up on our window box and I love looking out at that huge mass of white fluffiness.

In the spirit of White Christmases, I decided to search for some white-walled rooms. During an insanely chaotic holiday season, I found these photos to be a breath of fresh air. Who knew white walls could be the backdrop to such beautiful decor? I love the simplicity of all these rooms and the little pops of color.

I'm hoping that while we are out of town, The White Beard (as my mom calls him) will stop by with Rudolph and decorate one of our rooms like these.

Happy Christmas!


Interior Design by Deborah Lloyd


Interior Design by Frank Muytjens

white and yellow

Interior Design by Michelle Adams


Interior Design by Betsy Burnham

194205-13-01 copy

Interior Design by Rachel Ashwell


Interior Design by Lulu de Kwiatkowski

basement love

carla fahden

I went to check the mail last night and had received a postcard from our basement. That's right, our basement. It misses me. And man, do I miss it. This week has been absolutely crazy-busy for me, so Jack, Fern and I have not had our usual downtime in our wonderfully cozy basement.

We were lucky enough to buy a home with a newly remodeled space down under, so all we had to do was hang a mongo flat screen and buy a comfy sofa. I haven't done a whole lot of decorating down there but plan to once we win the lottery.

Anyway, like I said, I haven't had my usual fix of laziness this week. I thought maybe I could make it up to our lonely basement with one or two new goodies to spruce the space up. Amongst my picks are some awesome Tim Burton playing cards, a somewhat pornographic serving tray, a crafty new coffee table book (to keep me occupied while Jack watches his boring-ass sports), and a gorilla/robot ashtray so cool that I might just have to take up smoking (ok, not really).

Here are mis favoritas:

Feist & Spoon Poster (sold out, but let's pretend it's not), Mother and Child Classic Tray, Mollaspace Rabbit Shot Glass, Readymade Book, Racing Car (for our cute nephew Nolan to play with), Richard Nixon Throw, Areaware Robotrilla, Tim Burton's Playing Cards, Vintage Globe - I found this so long ago on Etsy and now it's sold out... boohoo,Block Lamp, Cashmere Knit Pillow, Reynolds Floor Lamp

And lastly, what basement isn't complete without a cuddly snuggle bug like our dear Fern? Here is her school picture taken at daycare a couple of weeks ago.

Photo by Modern Life Photography

best of etsy: pretty up your walls!

carla fahden

Listen up people! If I come over to your place and don't see any artwork on your walls after I've posted this, you are in big big trouble! Prettying up your walls is not that hard and it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg.

Lately I've been making trips to Goodwill and stocking up on frames. I could not believe the selection when I went for the first time, and they continually replenish it. Buy a gently used pretty frame for $4.00, take out the creepy Jesus illustration, swap in a funky print and voila, you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork! (If anyone asks, the frame isn't from Goodwill, it's "vintage.")

So now that we've got the frame issue out of the way, on to the artwork. Etsy is a great source to find photography, illustrations, paintings and more. I've put together a quick collection of some prints I'd like to add to our house. After pulling these together I realized that about half of them are of animals. I like animals. You may not want to hang a picture of a kitty in your home, and that's okay. Search for things you're into... if you're a number crunching finance-y type person (hi Bill!), you can search for vintage flash cards. If you are a salamander (hi Rusty!), search for lizard illustrations to hang in your aquarium. Anyway, you get it.

Here are my faves. Most of them are under $20. Cheap!


Lady and Dog Vintage Photo ($1.50!)

Woolly Sheep at Rest ($30.00) I love this one because it looks like Fernie.

Love Poster ($30.00)

Toast Print ($40.00)

Beach Wagon ($5.00)

Black Cat ($10.00)

10 mil besos ($20.00)


carla fahden

Shame on me. I have not put up a single Christmas decoration. I had Jack pick up some pine tree tops for our window box and they have been sitting in our garage for weeks. Yikes!

This is our third Christmas in our house, and each year I think to

myself that I will

get a pretty tree, do up the house with lights, and go hog wild with tasteful decorations... NEXT year. This time I mean it, though. Especially after peeking at all of the great holiday decorations offered by my favorite shops. I should really be collecting a few pieces each year and building up a nice little stash, but I guess I'm too preoccupied with our living room overhaul to start that right now.

Anyway, I'm gonna do it next year. For realz.

Felt Wreath, Beaded Silver Wreaths, Elf Candleholders, Owl Ornament, Sequin Party Ball, White Bottle Brush Trees, Angel Tree, Dog Bone Ornaments,Fuzzy Snowballs

kitchen... complete!

carla fahden

I thought this day would never come, but our kitchen is finally complete!

It started this past spring when we decided to get new appliances. That was going to be it. Some nice new appliances to give our kitchen a little facelift.

Well of course once we got the appliances in our kitchen, I decided they did not match our cabinets. So we got the cabinets redone. Well geez, then our counters didn't match! And with new counters comes a new sink and faucet, of course. And then you might as well tear out and redo the backsplash. And hey, why not repaint the walls and replace the pendant lighting too?

For the most part, it was a fun process... for me at least. I owe a big THANK YOU to Jack for learning how to hook up the new dishwasher and stove, taking a sledgehammer to the old counters and sink, installing the new pendant and putting up with a very indecisive, detail-obsessed wife. Also, thanks to my talented mom for making the window treatment!

Time to go make some ribs!kitchen1





kitchen before