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carla fahden

In my next life, I hope to come back as a cat or dog. My existence would be spent getting my belly rubbed, eating treats, and snoozing the day away on soft pretty

throw blankets. That's right, today we are here to talk about throws blankets.

Throws can be pricey. But if you find a well made, classically designed throw you love, I think it's worth the extra jacksons. Not only do they add character to your sofa or chair, they are great for curling up under and watching Wallace and Gromit.

I am debating between some of these favorites to add to our newly decorated living room.

throw blankets

Octopus Throw,Woven Throw Blanket,Alpaca Squares Throw,Blended Throw,Argo Reversible Throw,Blue Striped Throw,Dancing Fox Throw,Cubist Throw,Chunky Knit Throw,Husky Cushion,Hector Throw