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In Yo Face

carla fahden

Well, hello there pumpkins.

It's that time of year where the winter weather is getting all up in my grill. The corners of my eyes and nose are like little red deserts just screaming for moisture. Typically I can get by with just my trusty Cetaphil in the morning and a few secret night creams that I have to hide from Jack to keep him from accidentally slather big dollops of them all over his freshly shaven neck. But that routine ain't cutting it these days and it's time to step up my game.

Enter the beautifully packaged and I'm sure amazing-smelling products below. How nice would it be to have a vanity stocked with these luxe lotions and potions? Said vanity would also come fully stocked with ice cold Minute Maid lemonade (current obsession), little fairies that would float in front of your face tending to all of your problem areas and a wall-mounted flat-screen for you to catch up on The Bachelor while this magical beauty session went down.

Alright homies, enough fairy talk, time to get outta this bed and get dolled up for the day.

1) extra bright advanced moisture lotion 2) damascan rose facial treatment 3) intensive treatment 4) scalp & hair balancing cleansing oil 5) eye contour mask 6) rodin lip balm 7) ultra facial overnight hydrating masque