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wound up over wall art

carla fahden

As I continue re-decorating our living room, I've had my eyes peeled for wall art that will look good against our freshly painted blue walls. I'd like to cluster some interesting pieces together in mix-matched frames. This look always appears so effortless and easy, but I actually think it's tricky to pull off. I've tried it myself in the past and failed... It just looked sloppy and forced. So this time around, I've decided to collect some examples I like, which will hopefully guide me when I attempt to put it all together. I came across this home tour on Apartment Therapy, and absolutely LOVE what he has done with his art. Even though each piece of art is so different, it looks so cohesive and purposeful. Looking at this home tour makes me super anxious to get our bare walls

covered, but I am going to try really hard to be patient and deliberate when picking out prints and frames. Hopefully it will pay off in the end. wall art wall art4 wall art3 wall art2 Ken's Mixed Media Dream House (via