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It's All Wood In The Hood

carla fahden

What up, yo. Happy New Year!

We were busy bees in December. We had two weeks off werk and spent time in Arizona with Jack's fam and then Northern Wisconsin with my fam. Then back home to Minnesota for a few more days off which I got sick just in time for. I have been a snot-snifflin' mcgee for over a week and am ready to dropkick the inventor of the common cold.

So, what else... I'm finally working on decorating our guest bath which was renovated like, uh... 18 months ago or something. I literally had not bought a single thing for the room (the window sill serves as our toilet paper holder). In early December I ordered a whole bunch of antique brass hardware (toilet paper rack thingy included) along with a black toi toi seat and some heavy duty white porcelain shelves. Now

I'm working on finding towels, candles, yada yada and Jack's got some hanging and mounting to do. I'm hoping to have the bad boy finished by my birthday (January 31st, eh hem) and will share some pics. In the meantime, I posted

a sneak peak on Instagram a couple days ago if yer curious.

In totally non-guest bathroom-related news, here's a snazzy mix of shit I want for the rest of our house. Lots-o-wood with a dash of copper and a side of enamelware. Oh, real quick, before I forget, my birthday is January 31st.


1) olivewood tasting spoon 2) rose gold candle 3) zebra artwork 4) carved wood deer head 5) enamelware starter set 6) solid walnut gem lamp