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white christmas

carla fahden

Hooray! We got more snow last night. There is about two feet piled up on our window box and I love looking out at that huge mass of white fluffiness.

In the spirit of White Christmases, I decided to search for some white-walled rooms. During an insanely chaotic holiday season, I found these photos to be a breath of fresh air. Who knew white walls could be the backdrop to such beautiful decor? I love the simplicity of all these rooms and the little pops of color.

I'm hoping that while we are out of town, The White Beard (as my mom calls him) will stop by with Rudolph and decorate one of our rooms like these.

Happy Christmas!


Interior Design by Deborah Lloyd


Interior Design by Frank Muytjens

white and yellow

Interior Design by Michelle Adams


Interior Design by Betsy Burnham

194205-13-01 copy

Interior Design by Rachel Ashwell


Interior Design by Lulu de Kwiatkowski