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WTF (Where's That Fahden?)

carla fahden

Lately it seems that as soon as I return home from a trip, Jack takes off on his own trip. Today he is heading to Chi-town for a new bizzie pitch. Then he returns and I leave for Wisconsin. And after that, I will be traveling three more times to NYC and two times to LA... all before the end of May. It will be a busy couple of months but come June, prego Polly over here won't be able to fly anymore. So while last summer I pretty much lived in NYC, this summer I'll be taking 'er easy. Being that I travel so much for werk, I finally bit the bullet about a year ago and invested in some nice travel goods. Here are my faves : 1) Okay, I actually don't have this cosmetic case, but I need it and want it and have to have it like NOW. A couple of months ago I opened my suitcase to find cough syruphad leaked all over my current one so now it's all stained and red and gross. 2 + 3) These little containers from Muji are a MUST. With the amount of foo foo juice it takes to keep me looking so babelicious, condensing it all into small containers saves me like 20lbs. Plus, I can just leave these containers in my suitcase when I return home and don't need to worry about packing/unpacking them. 4) I am obsessed with these foldable mesh bags (again from Muji). I have a few of them in various sizes and they're a great way to compartmentalize clothes, shoes, PJs, power cords, etc. Fellow organization freaks, check 'em out. 5) My mom gave me this backpack for my birfday last year and it's perfect for bopping from taxi to airplane to taxi to the studio to the hotel etc. It's got a padded sleeve for my laptop and doesn't dig a huge dent into my shoulder like a normal tote bag would. 6) Here's Big Brown. Ain't she purdy? She was a gift from Jack and I will have her for life. 7) I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe and do not like my tootsies touching the hotel floor. These simple slippers come with a cute little pouch and I just keep 'em in my suitcase at all times. There you have it! The art of packing by yours truly. Screen-Shot-2014-02-20-at-8.27.24-AM 1) rabbit print coated cotton cosmetics bag 2) cream case 3) cylinder spray bottle 4) foldable mesh garment bags 5) small zip pack 6) bric's 30" trolley 7) portable slippers