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welcome to my dream home

carla fahden

Today is Day 1 of my staycation. After my big photoshoot last month in LA, I decided I needed a stretch of days to catch up on things (Project Runway, cuddling with Fern, shopping, US Weekly, sleep).

I thought I'd start the day by giving you a tour of my dream home.


This is our front entry. Usually Fern would be sitting on the pretty rug ready to greet you, but she's splashing around in the pond out back with her little

sister Rosy.
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Here is our kitchen. I'm boiling some hot water to make you a cup of tea. Oh, you want vodka instead? Good idear.
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This is our great room. Here's where we kick it and listen to Hall and Oates.
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This is Jack's office where he likes to catch up on his fantasy football or whatever.
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Here's our bathroom. Jack got a vintage Porsche convertible and I got away with buying a pink rug!
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Here's my reading nook. I like to sit here and read my magazines while watching our horses frolic out back.
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Here's where Jack watches golf and takes a snooze on lazy Sundays.
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This is our guest room. Our most frequent visitor is my mom. She likes to wear Converse in every color.
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Yes, Fern and Rosy have their own bathroom. I may or may not slip on my swimsuit and join them for bath time every now

and then.
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Here's our master bedroom where we get no less than 10 hours of sleep a night.
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Hey! This is where I am right now... my blogging room. Time to log off and go relax in the sun. Ta!
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