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warm your bum in style

carla fahden

So here's how I see this going down. First, you all pool together some coin and buy me a little cabin on a secluded lake somewhere. Second, I deck it out in some rustic yet chic decor. Third, I have you all over for some stiff hot toddies and a Catchphrase tourney. Eh? Eh!? Yeah! Sounds like a plan!

Winter is upon us, my friends. And I couldn't be happier. Sure, it's a bit depressing to leave work only to step out into a dark abyss at 5:01pm, but think of all the great things about the chilly weather. Are you cozied up in your PJs by 6pm to eat dinner in front of the boob tube in SUMMER? I didn't think so. Do you venture up to the cabin to sit by a roaring fire and watch classic movies like Mr. Mom and Overboard when it's 80 degrees and sunny out? Huh?... See? Winter rules.

I'm heading up north to my parents' cabin this weekend and am clearly excited by the idea of burrowing into their 1890s log cabin for a solid 72 hours. My weekend adventure has me thinking of how I would decorate a cabin if you guys would just kick in some moola and buy me one. The pieces below would make for a warm + cozy yet fresh + clean weekend retreat. Oh how I'd love to kick back on that posh sofa and watch Felicity re-runs on a snowy Saturday afternoon...

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(1) Paper Mache Stag, (2) Niche Bedding & Living Spade Boudoir Pillow, (3) Lightbulb Candlestick Holder, (4) Poodle Pillow, (5) Todd Hase Sophia Sofa, (6) Cindy Table Lamp, (7) Churro Saddle Blanket