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i wanna be rich

carla fahden

Alright, listen up and listen good. I want your full attention now so put down your Friday morning coffee and muffin. Let's FOCUS, people.

There is gonna come a day when I am reeeeally really rich. This blog is gonna take off and I'm gonna have the likes of Oprah and Donald Trump wanting to sponsor me. I will spend my mornings perched in a posh leather swivel chair blogging for all you pretties (while my staff works on my hair and makeup). Then I will feast on a breakfast of cheese curds (but I'm gonna have a personal chef that knows how to make them so they're packed with nutrients even though they taste like the greasy kind from Mogies in Eau Claire, WI). THEN, I will hop in my Mercedes G55 with Fern and Rosy (who will be decked out in really cute outfits like striped sweaters and little doggie moccasins). And then you know where we're gonna go?

We're gonna go buy expensive-ass artwork, duh!

Yes, there will come a day when I'm going to buy a painting as bold and beautiful as the one below. And when that day comes, I'll invite you all over and we'll sip cucumber vodka and laugh about the old days when I used to frame artwork that I printed off Google Images and ripped out of old calendars.

Okay, that's all. Now go have yourself a good weekend!

1) the minty rose by haval pozanti 2) lucite teardrop chandelier 3) flokati diamonds rug 4) blue medallion decorative pillow