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treat your windows

carla fahden

Now that the hot and humid summer is coming to an end, we can finally turn off our A/C and open up the windows. Jack can tell you how much I LOVE having a cross breeze in the house. I love how airy the house feels when the window panels and curtains are whipping around in the wind. (is that weird?)

I've noticed that windows can often get ignored when it comes to decorating. I see a lot of solid colored window panels, or even just plain white mini-blinds. In my opinion, windows are a great opportunity to add texture, color, and personality to a room. It can also set the mood of a room. If you're going for cozy, you can opt for wool panels. If you're going for casual, you can go with relaxed roman shades (which are also super functional). Even something as simple as a sheer white panel can work. One friend of mine has them

on every single window and it makes her whole place look fresh and inviting.

If you're looking for an affordable place to find unique window treatments, check out Urban Outfitters. They surprisingly

always have lots of options and get new items often. They come in fun prints and colors and at a price that allows you to change them up if you get tired of them. West Elm also has a lot of good options. And if you just happen to have a money tree in your backyard and are on your way to Barney's in NYC, pick up some of Madeline Weinrib's textiles. Then have me over so I can drool over them.

Here is a picture of our master bedroom. I found these roman shades at Pottery Barn. And while they don't exactly "match" our bedding, they are neutral enough to go with just about anything. And if you like to sleep in (like I do), these shades block out the light like it's nobody's business.
redo photos9

And here are a couple great uses of window treatments:

redo photos13

redo photos12

redo photos11
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