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top ten movies of all time. ever. period.

carla fahden

Oh, I am so excited about this post! It's Friday, so things at the office always get started a little slow, right? Get yourself a cup of joe and sneak in a couple movie trailers before you get down to business today.

Jack calls me a serial movie watcher, and it's true. I am a tough crowd when it comes to movies (and television) but when I find something I like, I become obsessed. I have seen all of these films multiple times and after rounding them all up for this post, I am determined to have a movie marathon on my birthday weekend (it's January 31st, so you have time to shop) and watch all ten.

So here we go, below are my Top 10 (in no particular order) that I strongly encourage you to check out. Unless you are my friend Jon who hates every movie I recommend. Oh and I should also note that I have a Top 10 list for movies pre-1990 which I will share another time.

1) Stranger Than Fiction (watch trailer here)
I saw Stranger Then Fiction five times in the theater. It's funny, romantic, and creative. The Art Direction is phenomenal and there is all sorts of quirky

eye candy. It has a killer cast of Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman (bonus cast: Queen Latifah and Tony Hale). Lastly, the music is the tits (Spoon).

2) Somewhere (watch trailer here)
I didn't know much about this movie going in, but I love Sofia Coppola and that was enough for me. I don't know if this one is for everyone, but if you were a fan of Lost in Translation, you'd probably dig it. It's slow and quiet but beautiful and introspective too. Music is great (Phoenix).

3) Beginners (watch trailer here)
You've probably never heard of this one, which is a shame. I feel like little gems like this always slip through the theaters without any recognition. There is a cute doggie who speaks to the viewer through subtitles (see him eating at the table with them?) and my favorite scene is where the couple roller skates through a hotel. It's sad. I guess I like sad movies. Check it.

4) Billy Elliot (watch trailer here)
I own this on VHS. And the case is all tattered and torn because I've watched it so many times. I don't know anything about the musical/broadway thing so don't relate it to that. I'm sure this is much better. It's so cute and funny and sad and is beautiful to watch.

5) Cyrus (watch trailer here)
Watch this up until John C Reilly's dance scene and if you don't like it, I'm not sure how I feel about you.

6) Lars and the Real Girl (watch movie trailer here)
Ryan Gossling. Um, yes please. This is a highly imaginative story about a total weirdo who falls in love with a life size sex toy. Enough said.

7) Lost in Translation (watch trailer here)
A Sofia Coppola classic that I'm sure you've all seen. I forgot just how good it is until I recently watched

it in my hotel room in NYC one night. Love the scene where his wife mails him carpet samples. That's totally something I would do.

8) The Future (watch trailer here)
This is my favorite Miranda July movie and seeing as how Me You and Everyone We Know was pretty much one of the best movies ever, that says a lot. There is a cute talking cat and some awesome dance scenes

9) Moonlight Mile (watch trailer here)
Oh, I love this one. LOVE. IT. It's set in the '70s so the music is killer as are the sweaters. It's sad but in a good way. With a cast of Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ellen Popeo (pre-cheeseball Grey's Anatomy), and Holly Hunter you can't go wrong. The trailer does not do it justice (it's actually kind of terrible), but you'll get the gist.

10) You Can Count On Me (watch trailer here)
Man, I wish I could remake some of these trailers. I own this one on VHS too. Laura Linney and MARK RUFFALO (MEOW) and Ferris Bueller star in this one and it's just an all around good story about life, family and a hot guy (Mark Ruffalo, not Ferris).

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