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Top It Off

carla fahden

Yamma hamma, it is hot here in La La Land! The tan beefy dudes are wearing those skin tight tank tops and the booby broads are sporting ass-cheek revealing shorts. There is SKIN errwhere I look, people!

I have always loved the sun and, even though I KNOW you're not s'posed to, I usually sneak in some sunbathing here and there every summer. It's hard not to since we try to spend every weekend we possibly can on the lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, as I've gotten older and more grown up 'n shit, I've gotten more responsible and wear SPF 50 every day (are you reading this Mr. Dermatologist?).

In the spirit of protecting your precious mug from the harmful rays, here are some cute hats to sport this season. Being the oh-so-athletic gal that I am, I tend to like the baseball caps better than the floppies, but if you're buying I'm not gonna be too picky.


1) narrow brim boater hat 2) yankees hat 3) neoprene baseball hat 4) navy print cap 5) ditsy floral visor cap 6) chambray baseball hat 7) painter's baseball cap 8) catalina chambray hat 9) summer stray hat