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Throwin' 'Bows

carla fahden

Greetings from 10,000 feet up in the air. I'm heading to NYC for my very last photo shoot before doctor's orders are gonna keep me on the ground until my due date.

In other news, today is the first day in probably over a month that I haven't had my hair in a bun. Wondering how I'm going to turn this mundane little tidbit into a full-blown blog post? Wonder no more, my friend.

I pretty much never wear my hair completely down. Even today, it's pinned half back. This has been the case since high school when a punk in my art class used to call me "mushroom." I can't blame him, really. In hindsight, what I thought was a good look (straightening my naturally curly hair every morning) really did make me look like a mushroom/triangle-head.

In actuality, it's not the comment from high school that has kept me pinning my

hair back all these years. No, I have a much more sane rationale: my face is shaped like E.T.'s. I have a really narrow chin and surrounding it with a mass of curly hair makes it look even narrower. True story.

Sometimes I wonder if I will end up on an Oprah-type talk show in 20 years. Jack will nominate me for a makeover because I'll be one of those ladies sporting a long grey braid down to my bum every day. The show will give me a whole new look, complete with a pantsuit and a haircut like Felicity had sophomore year. Then they'll parade me out on stage where poor Jack will be in the front row (wearing a lavender shirt that the producers picked out for him) clapping amongst a sea excited women.

Or maaaybe … I will grow old gracefully and be able to rock longer hair foreva' like Goldie and Meryl. Regardless, I am always looking for new ways to spruce up my frizzy locks and these images below have me jonesin' to buy some ribbons and bows. It seems like such an effortless way to glam up an otherwise messy mop.

Boom. Blog post about mundane little tidbit complete.

colormecarla_05.12.14_3via flickr

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