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This And That

carla fahden

What the what? Blogging on a Saturday!? Oh no she di'int!

I am here to share a little ditty of knick knacks I pulled together that I must have for our living room. Jack and I spend most of our time in the family room (do people call it that?) watching the boob tube and toasting our bums (okay, just my bum) by the fire. Our living room rarely gets used but this is mostly because it's like empty as hell.

I've got our upholsterer lined up for December to cover four chairs for the room and once those bad boys are done, it will start to feel more cozy. Also, my mum made us an amazing quilt to hang on the tall wall between the windows. Now I just need to start collecting little creature comforts like the ones below. In fact, as soon as I

hang up with you guys, I'm gonna bop over to Jayson Home and Garden and purchase this vintage ram.

Have yerselves a fantastic weekend. And a shout out to my little peanut butter cookie, Rosy, who turns 2 today!

1) bennington lamp 2) sammamish bird woodblock print 3) vintage ceramic ram 4) bone china skull votive 5) monogram coasters 6) chief pillow 7) brass peace sign