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the wonderful world of wallpaper

carla fahden


Sooo... now I am on a wallpaper kick. It was bound to happen sooner or later. When I was working on my Itty-bitty Bathrooms post a while back, I came across this crafty pattern and couldn't get it out of my head:

Frames Wallpaper

I ended up finding this wallpaper on Graham & Brown's website and was surprised to see that it wasn't very expensive at all. However, I didn't know it is intended to be "interactive" and that you're supposed to scribble on it with crayons and markers and whatnot. No thanks. Not a fan. If I end up getting this for our bathroom or hallway, I will leave it clean and untouched.

Unfortunately, most of the other wallpaper on my wish list isn't as affordable. But here are my faves anyway:


Woods Wallpaper(My friend Peggy has this wallpaper in her daughter's room. Her former writing partner GAVE her a roll of it. Why can't I have a writing partner that gives me wallpaper?? hem, IAN!)

Spiral Wallpaper

Mushroom Soup Wallpaper

Ribbed Wallpaper

Random Geometry