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the wonderful world of random

carla fahden

Oh, hi! I am in a particularly good mood today because it's a three-day weekend (thanks to MLK day). I thought I'd share some random stuff from my list of favorites. Why? Because it's Saturday, silly!

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 10.08.32 AM

1. Wasp Pillow: Have to have, have to have, have to have. The only thing holding me back from purchasing this beauty is that I'm not sure if the color will go in our living room. I have to wait 'til the rest of the room is complete before adding this to our sofa.

2. Pantone Mug: I come across these mugs a lot while perusing the internets. I LOVE Pantone swatches. My office desk is covered in little perforated Pantones arranged in different color combos. One of these days I will purchase a set of these mugs to sip our morning coffee out of.

3. Dog Book: Dogs, dogs, dogs! I would love to have this book on our coffee table. And incase Fern is getting sick of me singing her to sleep, I could read her this book instead.

4. Log Stool: Yes, please. I love nature inspired pieces that remind me of cabins and

camping. And it's gold... so that's cool.

5. Cork Pets: These cute little pups have a wine cork for a body! Jack and I don't drink more than two bottles of wine at home a year (in 2010, they both happened to be on New Years Eve), so these would be a perfect way to keep the corks as a memory.

6. Owl Plate: I've got a thing for them owls. I have a stash of "cute plates" that we eat dessert off of, and this one should be added to the collection.

7. Grace Chair: Probably a titch too chic for our house, but I like that it looks like the Tin Man.

8. Cowhide Rug: I loooove this rug. Jack does not, so you will never see it in our house. But that doesn't mean it can't be on my list of favorites.

9. Floppy Basket: I am a magazine junkie. Lucky, Marie Claire, Us Weekly... I read 'em all. And for some reason I never throw them away. This cozy basket would be the perfect place to store all those glossy pages of eye candy.

10. Lambswool Throw: Plaid? Check. Fun colors? Check. Fuzzy and soft? Check.

We're off to the dog park. Go have yourself a random Saturday!