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The White Stuff

carla fahden

Me and the color (or the absence of color?) white are having a moment these days. I recently ordered a slew of baby necessities (burp cloths, Boppy cover, onsies, socks, yadda yadda) and everything I picked out is WHITE. No frogs or stars or chevron, no siree Bob. Just clean, classic, timeless white stuff all ready to get stained with bodily fluids.

Below is a round up of some white stuff for mama (I've said this before, but I'll stop referring to myself in the third person as 'mama' when I actually am one). And by "white stuff" I don't mean gross creamy things like cottage cheese. I'm talking about the the "right stuff" but am calling it the "white stuff" because that's what Elmer Fudd would call it and hey, it's white.

Enjoy your Thursday, lovies!


1) shadow aspect 2) swatch cool breeze 3) crochet kaftan 4) acrylic tray 5) goose feather pen 6) dove white paint 7) amber scented candle 8) marcie small satchel bag 9) linen shams