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the white idea

carla fahden

Oh well for crying out loud. Would you look at this place!?

It's always a happy day when I get to search for interior shots while on the clock. Today at work I was searching for a white, neutral room for a Target Home project I'm working on. When I found this first image below, I maaaay have gotten a wee bit side tracked for a moment...

interior design blog | white interiors7
The idea of hanging big fluffy down pillows above a bed is so simple yet looks so graphic and unique! And the little birdie house off to the side is a cute, unexpected touch.
interior design blog | white interiors6
Moving on, we have this gem of a room. What perfect light to kick back and work on figure drawings of... say, your goldendoodle.
interior design blog | white interiors5
Stacks of books serving

as table legs = genius.
interior design blog | white interiors3
What a charming little nook. I love the rustic, quirky pendant light and I can smell the bright green bar of soap from here. The ballet slippers would come in handy if you wanted to put on some tunes and dance around with... perhaps your goldendoodle.
interior design blog | white interiors2
Love it. The mannequin draped in weird blue cord looks like it's straight out of an Anthropologie window display.
interior design blog | white interiors4
Well I think it's safe to say that this homeowner scores a 6 out of 6. Bonus points for the little neon green candle holder which is the perfect pop in such a neutral space.Now friends, I have a favor to ask. If you're reading this and enjoy my bloggie blog, won't you pleasepleaseprettyplease do me a solid and become a follower? Simply click "join this site" over there on the right and enter your name. Easy peasy. I'll buy you a root beer next time I see ya.

All images via Elle Interior