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the power of pattern

carla fahden

Yamma hamma, I've been a bit slow moving today. Mighta had myself just a weeeeeeee bit too much fun last night. Well, nothing helps me feel better like putting together a fun and colorful mood board for my bloggie poo!

This past week, I wrapped up a collection of print + pattern work I have been designing for TREAT & Co., which has inspired me to pick out some home pieces infused with fun and vibrant patterns. If mixing together all of the choices below feels a bit too balls-to-the-wall for you, try introducing just one graphic piece here and there to add some visual interest to your pad. Personally, I think you could pull off this mix quite easily as long as the walls provided a nice neutral backdrop (light grey, perhaps?). Anyhoo, that's all I've got for ya today. Now back to the sofa where I have some recorded episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York waiting for me (yes, I watch that drivel).

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(1) Linen and Lavender Embroidered Pillow, (2) PJ by Peter Jensen Polar Bear Pillow, (3) Alexandra Table Lamp, (4) Striped Scarf Throw, (5) Andalusia Rug, (6) Susan Wheeler Home Vintage Zebra Hide Upholstered Benches