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the difference is in the deets

carla fahden

Yama hama, this week has been insane in the membrane! On top of having a stressy work week, I've had to come home to a total disaster zone every night. We are having recessed lighting put in our living room on Monday (woo hoo!) so all of our furniture is randomly stashed in areas it should not be. I am so stinkin' ready for our living room to be done. Lately I've been spending every spare second I have deciding what finishing touches I want to add.

No matter how great your wall color is or how pretty your throw pillows are, a room just doesn't have a "soul" without personal items to make it your own. I can't stand the staged rooms you see in catalogues with no life to them. Whether it's a stack of thumbed-through magazines, some glass vases you bought at a flea market or a basket of cat toys, I definitely think those little things are what make a house a home.

Here are some great examples of rooms with personality. I am especially taking note of the first one. We have a built in hutch in our dining area and I have been completely stumped as to what to do with it.







All images via Rue.