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the blues

carla fahden

Oh, hi. It's me, ol' Waterworks Wanda.

For those who don't know, after Thursday I will no longer be an Art Director with Campbell Mithun. I've accepted a position (that I had been coveting for months) as a Designer with a small shop in town. And while part of me is so excited that I could wee in my skinny jeans, the other part of me has turned into a blubbering baby. Last night I sobbed myself to sleep thinking back to all of the fun times I've had with my fellow CM-ers over the past ten (yes, ten) years. It's finally hitting me that I won't be able to see all of my favorite peeps every day.

On a side-note, who needs Kleenex when you've got a highly-absorbent goldendoodle willing to snuggle up and wipe your tears?

Anyway, don't worry, tomorrow I plan to pull myself out of this Debbie Downer funk. But for the time being, I'm wallowing and searching for blue interiors. Enjoy my favorites below.

interior design blog | the blues
Interior Design by Victoria Thompson

interior design blog | the blues3
Interior Design by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

interior design blog | the blues2
Interior Design by Ashley Putnam

interior design blog | the blues5
Interior Design by Angele Parlange

interior design blog | the blues4
Interior Design by Lulu Powers

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