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the B word

carla fahden

As I ogle $2,000 rugs and fawn over $600 mirrors on a daily basis, I find myself often wandering into another reality. For a few moments a day, I like to pretend I'm rich as hell and can actually purchase these absurdly priced items. But then I come back down to earth and reality hits. The reality that, when decorating, I do have to stick to a (gulp) ... Budget.

I came across a home tour on Apartment Therapy and was shocked to learn that the homeowner had purchased a lot of her items from flea markets, Target and Ikea. Her home truly looks like a million bucks and I was super inspired to read that she did some of it on the cheap. Click here to see what I mean.

I have been meaning to do a post about this sooner. Even though a lot of my inspiration comes from high-end designers and fancy shmancy websites, I truly do believe that good taste does not have to be expensive. It IS possible to pull together a nice looking room that won't leave you eating ramen noodles and watching public access.

So here is my attempt at putting together a bedroom with items costing $100 or less. Maybe the reality of a budget doesn't have to be so bad after all...

mood board
Clock, Fan (LOVE), Trunk, Duvet, Throw Pillow, Birdie, Lamp, Wall Art
Note: White window panels pictured are from Anthropologie because it was the best photo I could find. You can easily find quality panels at West Elm or Target.