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teeny weeny spaces

carla fahden

Happy Easter! Regrettably, I have not had time to pull together an Easter themed post. Instead, we are here to talk about small spaces and space saving ideas. But hey, bunnies are small, so just imagine bunny families living in all of these homes (which I like to do anyway) and we've got an Easter themed post!

A friend of mine is moving into a small apartment and was wondering if I had any ideas on how to style the space. I think small spaces can be so cozy and charming if decorated properly. Our home has fairly small rooms, so I've been getting used to buying small scale furniture myself.

Anyhoo, below are some smallish rooms that I have come across recently. There are many ways to approach decorating a tiny room, so let's take a looksie at all of the options!

interior design blog | small spaces9
(via Interiors Porn)

I LOVE THIS DESK! It works great in such a tiny nook because the legs are not thick and solid. This is a good example of paring down the clutter and just picking a few special pieces to keep out.

interior design blog | small spaces4
(via Style Files)

Here's another example of a sparse space. Hanging the lights on the wall eliminates the need for a nightstand. If you were to want a little space for your alarm clock or glass of agua, try mounting a small shelf to the wall. Also, white walls and white bedding + lighting keep this space airy and make it feel bigger than it is.

interior design blog | small spaces5
(via Style Files)

Now here's a big honking desk that somehow works in this small space. I think balancing it with not only white walls but white flooring as well does the trick.

interior design blog | small spaces
(via Dress Design Decor)

CAYOOOOOOOOT. I like this little bedroom a lot. I love the dark molding/trim contrasted with the white shelving, walls and bedding. They've done a great job at organizing all the little trinkets in a way to not feel too cluttered.

interior design blog | small spaces6
(via Emma's Blog)

I actually don't know if this little set up is in a small space or not. But it would definitely work well in one. If you don't have room for a large desktop, you can use the space above a small desk to keep your pencil cup, lamp, gold shoes (?), etc.

interior design blog | small spaces8
(via Apartment Therapy)

This must be the home of a

garden gnome or something because I don't know who else could sleep comfortably on that tiny bed. Regardless, it's a small space and it's cute, so I included it.

interior design blog | small spaces2
(via Apartment 34)

Floor to ceiling shelving is a great way to save space whether it's in a kitchen, living room or bedroom. And having a little wheel-y ladder would make it fun as hell to climb up and retrieve your doo-dads.