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carla fahden

It stormed all through last night. It was awesome... thunder and pouring rain and flashes of lightening (in case you didn't know what I meant by "storm", there's the definition for you). I looove thunderstorms. Especially when I'm laying in a pile of 17,000 thread count bedding with a belly stuffed full of black cod, chow fun and spring rolls.

This post is going out to all the NYC taxi drivers (because I just KNOW they are reading this right now). Being from Minnesota, I'm used to a good percentage of taxi drivers wanting to chat the whole ride. Here, you're lucky if you get a sneer when you tell them where you're headed. You don't even get a "thanks lady" after giving a 30% tip. Why so glum, chum? I was thinking that maybe every NYC taxi should have a goldendoodle in it that rides shot gun. The doodle could wear a cute little yellow jacket and give the driver a lick every now and then. Maybe that would cheer those fellers up.

In other news, I'd like to take this

opportunity to wish my

Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on national Color Me Carla! Once when my parents were visiting me in Minneapolis and I was driving us home from dinner, my dad exclaimed that I was "driving like a New York City cab driver!"... gosh, this post really came full circle without me even trying!

1) milk and honey soap 2) tom dixon pendant 3) tile terre 4) palm springs block linen pillow 5) vintage yellow chest 6) animal area rug