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tangled up in blue

carla fahden

I love rain. Since this weekend I devoted all of my time to cleaning out the entire house (aren't I fun?), the rainy and cloudy weather was timed perfectly. I haven't had to feel

guilty for not planting flowers, painting our new shutters or frolicking in the field with Fern. Instead, I got to stay in my sweats and purge oodles of nappy old sweaters, a fair amount of broken dog toys and one or two of the FIVE sports helmets in our basement (but I'm keeping my three copies of Fletch on VHS).

I decided to take a quick break and round up a few items that match the mood of this rainy, sleepy weekend we've had. And now that my little internetting break is over, I need to get back to my clean-fest so I'm free to frolic the rest of the summer.

interior design blog | blue mix
Abstract Painting, Sea Foam Green Seguso Lamp, Zinc Letters, Iridescent Plumage Pillow,Turquoise Green Pouf, Surya Fallon Rug