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table for two ... please?

carla fahden

Ohhh... this redecorating process is taking forever! I guess that's a good thing since our dining room/living room will end up exactly how I want it. But in the meantime, the room has pretty much been unusable. We didn't have any lighting until about a week ago. And while I love our nice new dining room farm table, we haven't had chairs in over a month... leaving us nowhere to sit down and have a nice meal!

I have

been stuck for quite a while on finding the right chairs. I wanted to find some with a little personality that provide a good contrast to the dark wood table. And I didn't want the wood chairs that technically "matched" the table because with our wood floors that would be too much... uh... wood. Anyway, today I found the perfect match (pictured below), only to find out that it will take 10-12 weeks for delivery. Ugh... what? If I do end up ordering these, we're going to need some folding chairs or something in the meantime.

Anyhoo, enough about the chairs for now. Here is our dining room mood board! Included are a couple of things we've already purchased (pendant, table, rug), and a few others that I've got my eye on.

dining room
Zebra Print Rug,Markham Capiz Placemat,Cluster Pendant,Plywood Clock,Golden Mask Print,Red Bentwood Chair,Parsons Dining Table, Hands Salt + Pepper,Harvest Napkins