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Swimwear I Wanna Marry

carla fahden

Hi Pookies. I had a great time up at my parents' place this past weekend. It always goes too fast and I always get real sad when I have to leave. For those of you who are lucky enough to live near your 'rents, don't take that shiz for granted. If I find out you are, I will track you down and knee you really hard in your rump.

Unrelated, I recently discovered Mimi Hammer Swimwear on Etsy and have spent an excessive amount of time ogling this husband and wife duo's bathing beauts. I feel like each of these pieces was magically created just for me. Look at those kitty cat bottoms! I would like three tops and three bottoms to mix and match all summer long. Whichever combo I'm not wearing, Fern and Rosy can suit up in. And then we will cruise around Lake Minnetonka just being the babelicious broads that we are.

Speaking of Fern and Rosy, they are scratching at the door to come inside. Presumably to present me with yet another frozen carcass of the squirrel or mouse variety. So I best be going.

viacolormecarla1) floral bandeau 2) nautical stripes high waisted bottoms 3) cat meow high waisted bottoms 4) pastel blue bralette 5) dots bandeau 6) floral bottoms