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super bowl, shmooper bowl

carla fahden

Ladies and gentlemen, the Super Bowl is upon us! Guess what!? I don't care. I know what you're thinking... how could I possibly NOT like football?! Well for starters:
- The big jiggly butts in tight spandex
- The cocky dances they do when they score a touchdown
- The fact that the players date bimbos like the Kardashians and Jessica Simpson

However, as much as I dislike football, just about every guy I know loves it. So I decided to channel all my negative thoughts into something positive: a mood board for the fellas! I have packed it with as much testosterone as color me carla can handle. All of these pieces are very masculine yet classic enough that they would fit in any space. And they all excite me more than a touchdown ever could.


Steel Bar Cart,House Rules Football Glasses,Sail Pillow, Salt and Pepper Shakers,Striped Wool Blanket, C. Jere - Sailboat Sculpture, Icon McQueen Leather Chair, Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers

P.S. Even though I will be watching the Puppy Bowl tomorrow and not the game, I will say that I have and always will be a beer-drinking cheesehead at heart. So I hope the Steelers get their asses handed to them. Go Pack!