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Sunny Delight

carla fahden

Well, so much for trying to work on a blog post in advance (last night) with the hope it would still be relevant the next day (today). The weather was amazeballs all weekend here in Minnesota… the sun was out and our yard got like 600% greener in just 48 hours. So I scoped out some hot new shades to blog about today. But not being the type to check the weather (especially before writing a blog post), I didn't realize Mr. Sun was gonna slink away behind gloomy rain clouds today.

Regardless, I'm still sharing this round up of sweet sunnies from Oliver Peoples as I don't think these picks would really be relevanteven if the sun WAS shining. With a starting price point of $400, they're really just more to ogle and daydream about. Unlike my pops who has no less than 17 pair (or is it "pairs"?) of reading and sunglasses "lost" at all times, I'm pretty good about keeping track of my shades. I've had the same two pair (or is it "pairs"?) of Ray-Bans for like four years. But still, I don't think I could drop $400 on a pair even if I kept them around my neck with a padlock at all times.

In other news, who's excited for the season premier of The Bachelorette tonight!? I'm not watching til Wednesday with my sista but I'm pretty, pretty, prettaaaaay pumped!


All sunnies available at Oliver Peoples