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sunny days...

carla fahden

...sweeping the clouuuuds awaaaaaaaay...

Normally I don't mind the rain one bit but I reeeeally want the sun to come out. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow for my sista's 30th birthday celebrash. I've been envisioning us chilling in our newly planted backyard, sipping vodka and enjoying the nice weather that my sister's birthday usually brings. But at this rate, we will be spending our time shopping, seeing movies and playing Taboo inside (which is OK too).

Anyhoo, I am trying to send some bright and sunny vibes to ol' Mother Nature in hopes the forecast will turn around. I've pulled together a collection of cheery and poppy spaces that feel fun and happy. Maybe if I lived in one of these homes I'd be perfectly fine spending the whole summer indoors (especially if I could sit on the cute chairs pictured in the last photo)...

interior design blog | bright rooms5
Interior Design by Cath Kidston

interior design blog | bright rooms3
Interior Design by Lisa Sherry

interior design blog | bright rooms4
Interior Design by Caroline Robert

interior design blog | bright rooms2
Interior Design by Angel Dormer

interior design blog | bright rooms
Interior Design by Todd Alexander Romano