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Here Comes The Sun

carla fahden

I have been a stressy Sally this week. I do not handle stress well at all. I stomp around in my grumpy pants and the teeniest little things like Tootsie needing a carwash turn into the biggest deals. WHO TOOK AN OREO OUT OF THE PANTRY WITHOUT SEALING THE PACKAGE BACK UP!? It was probably me because I was in such an effing hurry but I'll rage about it anyway.

Well it's almost the weekend so Tootsie will get her bath. And the days are getting longer so we can start walking in the woods with Fern and Rosy after werk again. And soon enough it will be time to plant flowers and drink lemonade on the deck and like, give birth to this little bun in my oven. So time to put on my happy pants/the cute denim shorts below and just get over it already.

1) cute bike 2) canopy circle clutch 3) all natural soil conditioners 4) ibiza french blue lumbar 5) cutler and gross for j. crew sunglasses 6) satchel bag with scallop bar detail 7) 3 metal blade ceiling fan 8) haws watering can 9) sea/salt texturizing mist 10) denim shorts 11) ceramic jewelry tray