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summa summa summa time

carla fahden

I'm back! I've been off the grid for a week now - lo siento. We were down in sunny "Arizonia" (as my niece says) visiting Jack's parents. After five days of nothing but 80 degrees + sunny, I am officially ready for Summer (forget Spring).

Below are some colorful, chic pieces that remind me of summa-time. Combined, you could create a room so sunny and bright that spending time in it would be a mini-vacay from the drab and dumpy weather we've got going on. I would pair these pieces with white glossy floors, a bright white sofa and a big fluffy non-shedding dog (Fern, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you). Then I would curl up and read mags while sipping (spiked) lemonade.

bright things
1) Drape Stripe Rug, 2) Iron/Shell Chandelier, 3) Floral Vase, 4) Thonet Hot Pink Chair, 5) Metallic Pouf, 6) Acrylic Table with Glass, 7) Copper Colored Glass Vases

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