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For the first time eva, I am blogging during the werk day! Who needs to get up at the butt crack to post when you've got all day to write? Except I actually was up at the butt crack since we have a three week old who seems to think 4am is the time you're supposed to be all alert and jonesin for a little Peter Rabbit action.

One thing about being on maternity leave is that I have hours on end to stare at the lack of decorating in our house and daydream about the endless possibilities. It can drive a broad mad, I tell ya. I am determined to fill our shelves, furniture, walls, etc with an eclectic (I hate that word) mix of interesting pieces like in the photos below. I love how these spaces feel so lived-in and storied and don't look catalogue-y or staged at all. I can't get enough of the kooky boy portrait in this first image…

In an effort to make a dent in the seemingly endless amount of space we have to fill, my plan is to venture out to some antique shops and such with little Woody during my maternity leave. I usually don't have the patience for that kind of scene on the weekend because you're constantly bumpin' butts with other peeps which I'm generally not a fan of. But I suspect going during the week is gonna be a whole new game.

Okay I can't concentrate on this anymore, I'm too hungry. Enjoy these pics while I go enjoy a turkey sammy!

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