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1370 North Arm Drive
Orono, MN 55364


style crush : : emma reddington

carla fahden

ASDA672QJJASDN7a7s8a87782eu1y2eguqywgdacjahshdbajsd!!! No, that's not a typo. It's me slamming my head on the keyboard in a jealous rage. Would you just LOOK at this chick's house?! This is my dream home. It's rustic, fresh, clean and mostly neutral but with the

perfect amount of color. I am so so so stinking jealous.

One challenge I have in our home is that I have to stay away from too may wood pieces because of all the wood floors. Somehow Emma has managed to mix a lot of wood furniture with her wood floors and it doesn't look like a big, brown, hot mess. Beyond the wood elements in her home, I love all of the other natural textures and objects. I adore the branches mounted to the wall, the cute yellow buds, the woven baskets and the earthy rugs.

I am being completely serious when I say this: I

want to marry this space.

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