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1370 North Arm Drive
Orono, MN 55364


style crush : cindy greene

carla fahden

Color Me Carla here, comin' at you live from Orono, MN where it's starting to get a bit steamy (especially since I refuse to turn on the A/C because I am in love with all of the nature sounds we are surrounded by). Silly me, I thought Fall was on it's way after our cool stretch last week, but alas, it's gonna get up to 97 this week. Boo-urns.

Hot or not (remember that website?), I'm looking forward to this weekend because Jack and I will finally have a stretch of days to enjoy our new house, work on some random projects and borrow my bro-in-law's trailer to... GO ANTIQUING! We plan to finally hit up the oodles of estate and garage sales that we have been surrounded by all summer but were just too busy to swing by. We're also gonna bop by my old stomping grounds at 50th and Xerxes and hopefully find some loot at Piccadilly Prairie, Hunt & Gather and a handful of others which I can never remember the names of.

As we continue to daydream and plan the look of each room in our house, we are certain we wanna mix old with new and go heavy on the neutrals. Sometimes I fear that a combo of blue/grey/black/white may get monotonous but then I find a badass crib like this one and I'm back on board.

Take a look-see at these stunning rooms by Cindy Greene and enjoy yer Tuesday, folks!