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1370 North Arm Drive
Orono, MN 55364


style crush : : christina weber

carla fahden

BEEP BEEP! I'm coming through, Christina! I'm gonna scoop up everything in your apartment and take it back to Minnesota with me.

I just saw Christina Weber's home tour on Design Sponge and am hella jelly. I love spaces that are no particular style, just a mix of all things great.

There are a few things in particular here that I love:
Where do I begin? I wish we had space for shelving like this in our living room. Nothing says "lived-in" like shelves packed with personal items. I also love the nubby coffee table and would like to steal her fireplace.


I am a fan of all-white kitchens. Again, with the shelves! I'd love a place to stash all my cookbooks like that. And she chose my favorite color in the whole wide world for her accent pieces: blue.

With a beautiful large-scale piece of art like that, she was smart to keep the rest of the room simple and neutral. The chandelier is adorable. This looks like the perfect place to have my lady friends over for tea and crumpets. Or vodka and a game of Taboo.

I love incorporating words/typography into a room. These pillows alone make the space so calm and inviting...not to mention all the natural light flooding in through the pretty glass doors (*sigh*).

There's a doggie! Enough said.

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