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style crush : camille styles

carla fahden

I am loving this home of Camille Styles (who do you have to pay to get a name like that, anyway?) My noontime ritual is to eat my turkey + cheddar sammy while pouring over my favorite blogs. Since my days are so busy, I usually go reeeeal fast and just look for images that grab me. When I saw this post on Design*Sponge yesterday it was an unexpected breath of fresh air. I just had to stop

and look at every perfectly styled picture and read all of the text.

With our next home having nice high ceilings and lots-o-natural light, I am hoping one day it will feel as peaceful, cozy, elegant and comfy as this home.

Hey, have you guys ever tried one of those egg beater head rubbing thingys? Jack got me one as a gift and now I make him scramble my hair/head every night. Let me tell ya, it makes for some prettaaaay sexy hair in the morning (if you're into the whole frizzy/steel wool/bird's nest type look).


all images via design*sponge