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1370 North Arm Drive
Orono, MN 55364


style crush : : anna spiro

carla fahden

I've gotta hand it to married chicks who are able to unabashedly pull off such a bright, feminine space like this without their hubby stopping them. When I first came across these images of Anna's home, I never would have guessed that a dude inhabits this place as well. On second look, I found that she has actually mixed in some more masculine touches that I had missed on first glance. The tufted navy and white pinstriped sofa mixed with the girly pink window panels balance each other perfectly. She also has chosen large-scale artwork in very neutral colors such as beige, mustard and brown which play well off the saturated pink pillows and flowers.

Overall, I love Anna's space because it feels bright and clean but with enough personal touches to make it feel personal and homey too. For more images of her home and a full interview with Anna, click here.

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interior design blog | anna spiro