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carla fahden

Wazzup homies. Looking for an alarm clock that gets you out of bed no matter what? Try a goldendoodle! I recommend the "Rosy" model if you like having four paws dig into your back and literally push you off the side of the bed. No need for a snooze button, you'll be wide awake when it goes off.

Today we're going to play a little game called "Carla Tells Us About Stuff She Wants and We Mail Her Money To Buy It". Ready?

1 ) At some point, we are going to get a hanging chair. There's just no question about it. We have the perfect corner in our 3 season porch to hang it from. Picture this rattan charmer with a sheepskin throw and a graphic pillow… fab-o, right? I could spend an entire breezy summer day dangling from that bitch reading magazines. Plus, my niece and nephew would go apeshit over it which would give me a good 20 minute break from playing "SURGERY!" (a very fun game, no doubt, where Jack and I operate on their bellies to remove bears, snakes, monkeys and other totally normal beings that would live inside a child's body).

2 ) Well, we already have three of these amazeballs that hang in our living room. But because we have no damn furniture in that room, we never get to enjoy them. I included them because they add the perfect modern touch to the otherwise kinda rustic/farm house-y type look we're going for.

3 ) I am a sucker for anything animal-y. This cutie is no longer for sale on OKL, but I wanna find something similar for our master bath. I found someone to make us some reclaimed wood shelving for our bathroom and wanna deck each shelf out with purdy candles + soaps (see below), plants and a deer like this one. Speaking of the master bath, you can expect to see pics of it somewhat soon. Everyone keeps asking to see pics, but you don't wanna see pics of empty rooms, do you? Anyhoo stuff is slowly starting to arrive (wood toilet seat came yesterday!), so hopefully we will have at least one room finished and I can show you pics. I wish I had a nickel for every time I said 'pics'.

4 ) Um, OK. Where do I start. It's wallpaper. It has horses on it. It's blue. I

am sweating just typing about it. The plan is for this to go in our bedroom. And yes, I will name every horse on it.

5 ) We need like 67 blankies... for the leather chair in our entry, for our soon-to-arrive sectional, for the guest room, for our goldendoodle infested bed, etc. You can't go wrong with windowpane plaid and anything that comes in navy blue is a winner in my book.

6 ) Since you guys are paying, I threw in a ridiculously overpriced side table just to see how much you love me. I love that this one is rustic and burly yet has clean modern lines.

7 ) Candles, candles everywhere! This particular one will go in our bathroom, but we need tons. I love having one lit in the guest bath when we have company over. And after we clean up dog barf on our newly refinished wood floors.

8 ) Last but not least, I love the sweet packaging of this bath soap. I LOVE BATHS. We refinished an old claw-foot tub that The Doughy Tards (previous owners) had neglected. It's the perfect size for me and I love taking a soak and reading my mags. I wanna load up the shelf by the tub with lots of pretty soaps and candles which I already said.

If you're still reading this, give yourself a gold star. And have a good Thirsty Thursday, yo!