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stinky + sweaty in SLP

carla fahden

We are on Day 6 of not having a shower here at the Fahden household and it's getting kinda gross. Fern is the only one who seems to be enjoying the way we smell.

While our house is covered in dust and the bathroom looks like a scene from Money Pit, I can tell it's going to turn out just like we wanted. The tile guy (who is the nicest fella ever) is coming today to slather on some grout. The plumber comes Tuesday to give us our shower and loo back. Then Miss Wallpaper Lady comes Thursday and we will be on the home stretch.

Before Tile Guy laid the subway tile around the shower he asked what pattern we wanted it in

- brick or grid? "Brick!" I exclaimed. So in anticipation of our bathroom being almost done, and showering in a sea of beautiful white subway tile arranged in a brick-like pattern, here are some gorgeous homes with brick interiors.

Now if you don't mind, we are off to find a shower so we can be squeaky clean for our friends' wedding this evening.

interior design blog | white brick interiors5
via A Well Traveled Woman

interior design blog | white brick interiors2
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interior design blog | white brick interiors
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