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carla fahden

No, we are nowhere near spring. But the temps are starting to rise. And yesterday I came across this seafoam green vintage typewriter (below) and instantly imagined myself in a beautifully decorated home office (which we don't have) with the windows open and the sun flooding in (it's 23 degrees out and cloudy) typing away (not sure what I'd be typing on a typewriter). That's a pretty big daydream inspired by an old typewriter, but the bright fun color of it just instantly made me feel warmer.

Since now's about the time we all start going stir crazy and getting sick of the brown snow outside, I decided to round up some bright and sunny items to lift our spirits...

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 1.21.35 PM
Vintage Seafoam Smith Corona Typewriter, Echeveria in Gold Ceramic, Lazy Susan Hanging Mango Wood Pendant Lamp, Yellow Steeping Mug, Ceramic Owl, Verdant Acres Dinner Plate, Vintage Houseplant Book, Vintage Soda Bottle, Eames White DSW Chair with Maple Legs, Metallic Squares Bronze Pillow