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spring a ding ding

carla fahden

Here's the deal. Daylight savings (along with the stress of packing up our house, working full time and trying to plan the remodel happening at the new place) is kicking my ass. And it's hard to think of blog posts when my fanny is getting kicked, ya know? So for that reason, we're gonna talk about the same thing we talked about yesterday, SPRING! But that's not so bad, right?

It sure was nice to come home last night and have it be sunny and bright outside. Fern and Rosy have a new spring in the step thanks to this warmer weather (and the muddy backyard they get to play in). And even though I'm a stressy hot mess these days, looking forward to grilling out and spending time in our new three season porch (that's right, THREE SEASON PORCH), is getting me through. It's also great to escape every morning to  my fantasy decorating land and share things I like with you peeps.

Enjoy this spring-y mix! And hey, keep your chin up, kid (I'm talking to myself there)!

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1) olin grey floor pillow 2) flamingoes accent pillow 3) olive wood cutting boards 4) brass bowls 5) robert abbey light green ceramic and brass table lamp 6) cotswold bench