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Spring Things

carla fahden


First of all, have you heard about the liquid gold shortage!?

Second of all, I am pretty pumped for the weekend. Tonight is Jack's work party out

on Lake Minnetonka. We are doing some sort of Olympic type games on the ice and I plan to put my toned lats and traps to work and kick some booty. Tomorrow, Jack and I are going to see Her. I have been counting the days for this

movie to come out since like August. It's like Stranger than Fiction and Lars and the Real Girl (two of my faves) made sweet love and produced this baby just for me.

Ok. Third of all, I just wanna be clear that I am in no rush for winter to be over. I am one of the rare birds that loves our snowy winters here in Minnesota. But I spotted these cute floral shorts on Pinterest and they inspired a Spring outfit I'd like to bop around in when the time finally comes. I am not sure if Birks are really in or not, but I still have my very first pair (the Arizonas pictured below) and I think I'm gonna break those bad boys out. Then I'll throw on this D&B crossbody, hop in my woody Jeep and drive my ass back to the '80s where I'll drink Tab and get a good ol' fashioned suntan.



1) the row large sunglasses 2) denim baseball hat 3) knit sweater 4) dooney & bourke florentine pocket cross body 5) navy elastic waist floral shorts 6) birks!