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Sochi Style

carla fahden

I love the color blue. Especially navy blue, but any shade of blue is just fine. Show me a smurf drinking a blue raspberry slushy and I'll show you a pretty happy 35 year old woman. Tell me it's socially acceptable to dye your goldendoodles' fur blue and I'll tell you to get your ass to the store and get me some of that dye, sister. Capiche?

Moving on, when my imaginary blog editor (who pays me lots of imaginary money for keeping this blog up and running) asked me to do a post about what I'd wear to the Olympics, I happily obliged. I sure wouldn't mind being in Sochi right now sipping Moscow mules and watching those dare devils fly down the snowy hill... all while

being surrounded by loads of fans wearing lots-o-red, white and BLUE.

But alas, I am nervously looking out my hotel window at a shit-show of a snowstorm that will probably keep me from flying home from NYC today.

Here's hoping my flight departs on time this afternoon and that no one has noticed I've worn my J Crew navy blue cashmere sweater three times in the past week.

1) chunky-knit cotton blend sweater 2) flannel baseball hat 3) wayfarer 4) mid-rise slim boyfriend jean 5) transport rucksack 6) reeboks