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Snow In The City!

carla fahden

YES! It's snowing here in NYC (where I am for werk)! It's the kind where the snowflakes are huge and fluffy and just kind of dance around in the air not really falling directly to the ground. There are actually a couple of flakes outside my hotel window right now trying to get in here and enjoy coffee in bed with me.

I love snow. It is pretty and peaceful and looks amazing frozen in clumps to Fern and Rosy and Jack's beards. I love the sound it makes crunching under my feet and I love how people look when they come in from the outdoors with snow on their hat and bright red cheeks. I also love to eat snow. Either right off the ground or sprinkled on my pizza or even as a healthy alternative to nacho cheese.

One more thing I love about winter and snow is the opportunity to bundle your booty up! Just this past weekend I packed away my plethora of string bikinis to make room in my closet for sweaters, long undies and wool camp socks. I love layering on the warm duds to go walk around in the woods with Jack and the pups. I've ordered these furry mittens and am thinking maybe this year I'll get me some new snow boots... the ones below are named Carly boots so I mean, they should probably just give them to me for free.

Stay warm, homies!

) technical parka with quilted lining 2) queensland rugby beanie 3) sorel conquest carly boots 4) quilted dog print joggers 5) lux fur mittens