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slow your roll

carla fahden

I have an ... um ... somewhat obsessive personality. So when I like something, I REALLY like it. Some of my obsessions include canned black olives, goldendoodles, Windex, anything navy blue and our fireplace. You best just get your ass outta the way if you happen to find yourself between me and one of these things.

Whenever we go home visit my parents up at the cabin (as we did over Christmas), we inevitably reminisce about the four Jeep Grand Wagoneers we had back in the day (each of which was referred to as the "family truckster"). Then my dad puts on his $1.99 readers, pulls out his Hemmings Motor News, and starts reading us listings for all of the beautifully restored woodies out there priced at a meer $40K+.

I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. WAGON. EERS. I love the wood paneling, I love the beautiful colors they come in, I love the boxy shape, but most of all I love the memories they bring back (awwwwww).

I currently drive an '87 Cherokee Wagoneer, a smaller versh of the gas guzzling Grand Wagoneer. A couple of years ago Jack and I drove to Wisconsin to purchase this find: one owner (a grandma who wintered in Florida), 78,000 miles and fully loaded (sunroof, electric windows + locks, TAPE DECK, leather seats). Her name is Tootsie and while she may ride a little rough and her heat doesn't always work, I love her dearly. (And just to clarify, we did not spend anywhere NEAR a FRACTION of the aforementioned price point).

Here is a photo of Tootsie crushing on an old Benz.

Me and the fam circa early '80s.

Me and my chubby knees.

And here are some other sweet-ass rides.